Does that grow from your head?!?” I LOVED that question the little girl asked me when she saw both my niece, Sophia, and me, with Fairy Hair. HOW IN THE WORLD?? It amazes everyone who sees it! They are Entranced. Mesmerized. Enamored!

Fairy Hair is Tantalizing. Magical. Glittering and Shimmering. Subtle yet mysterious.

The very first time I saw Fairy Hair, I knew I had to have it! It was so incredibly amazing to look at. And so I had it done.

But I wanted more control over my Fairy Hair! Not only did I want it whenever I wanted it and whatever color I wanted, but I wanted to give the gift of Fairy Hair to all who admired it.

So, I learned how to do it myself. Not an easy task, since applying it to my own hair in a mirror is very challenging. With patience and practice, I mastered the skill and have become The Sister Goddess of Fairy Hair!

As the mother of 3 boys, I had no willing participants in my home, so the first person I bedazzled with Fairy Hair was my 8 year-old niece, Sophia. And then her cousins, Caitlyn and Rosemary.

And then I went away for the weekend with 23 other Sister Goddesses. Each of us offered our special unique gifts to each other, and I offered the gift of Fairy Hair! On the beaches of the Hamptons of Long Island and in our airBNB, I gave Fairy Hair to Sister Goddess after Sister Goddess!

And OH how they LOVED it!

I have been stopped everywhere. At least 100+ times – in the ice cream shop, on the street, in the store, in the bar, in the theatre – I have been stopped by strangers who admire my gorgeous spectacular hair!

Fairy Hair is known many different ways, such as Faery Hair, Hair Tinsel, Sparkle Hair Extensions, Silk Fairy Hair and more.

And so, Sister Goddess Fairy Hair was born. It is my delight to offer this service to you.


Sister Goddess Risa