“Hi beautiful goddess! I just wanted to let you know that I still have three of my fairy hairs from four months ago! I am cherishing it so much because I feel like it’s been through this ever evolving journey with me. Having the fairy hair has impacted my life in such a sweet and flowery way. Thank you much for blessing my life with your glittery sparkly self!! 💖”

~ Sister Goddess Melinda

“Risa  did my fairy hair at a party in June of this year. She presented me with a wonderful selection of colours and I chose silver to complement my grey hair. The process was quick and comfortable and fun, we chatted throughout!! And then I was amazed at how many compliments I received on the subtle shimmering strands!  Even more amazing, I still have several strands in place over 4 months later!”

~ Sister Goddess Gretta

“It was one of the highlights of my trip to the ocean to have met SG Risa and have her put such a magical and delightful gift into my hair. My friends and I had so much fun and enjoyment having the shiny, glittering threads of our favorite colors beautifully woven throughout our hair. We felt like little girls all over again!! Amazing fun and highly recommended! 💜”

~ Hugs, Sister Goddess Kaylyn

“For some reason, I really wanted fairy hair, which was unusual for me, since I generally run conservatively on accessories like this.  Risa worked carefully and methodically. The finished product was about 8 strands of gold tinsel carefully attached to single strands of hair. I felt like a princess and everyone admired it everywhere I went. It was uplifting and brought me great joy. I even bought material and equipment and and studied techniques on iTunes. I did fairy hair on girls with special needs before the big dance at Rotary Sunshine Camp. They loved it. I told my new boyfriend that he was good as long as the fairy hair lasted. I still have one radiant strand and I am still with my boyfriend. “

~ Sister Goddess Gaie

“I first met Sister Goddess Risa at a  summer retreat in the Westhamptons in New York. I saw her putting this shimmery tinsel type thing on others hair, and out of curiosity had to go take a look. It looked so great on others. It was colorful. It was fun. It made me happy.  And I knew I wanted it in my hair too.  A couple of us waited in line to get it added to our hair, too. Soon we all had it in our hair. And loved it. It uplifted us all and soon we were dancing and feeling so happy together with our fairy hair. My fairy hair lasted about 2 months. I was able to curl my hair and wash it like normal. When people saw me on my normal daily routine they would compliment me and ask where I got it. It makes other people happy too. It’s such a fun thing to try. I would absolutely do it again. And SG Risa is so patient and sweet, and loving. She makes you feel so comfortable. And you feel so happy when you leave her!”

~ Sister Goddess Alba