What is Fairy Hair?

Fairy Hair, Tinsel HairFairy Hair is a very thin piece of tinsel that is knotted to a single strand of hair using a hair weaving tool.

If you ever did a hook rug as a kid, it is the same kind of tool, but a little smaller.

Fairy Hair comes in every color of the rainbow. People do a double-take when they see Fairy Hair because it is so thin like hair, it looks like it is coming right out of your head!

How Long Does Fairy Hair Last?

Fairy Hair can last for a day, weeks, or months.  It is tied to a single strand of hair so it stays  in your hair until that strand of hair falls out.

When you brush your hair, the knot may catch on the brush and pull the fairy hair out, along with the strand of hair.

Fairy Hair tends to last longer in thicker hair.  There are also times of the year when more hair falls out than at other times, so the Fairy Hair will come out with your hair.

Can I Still Blow Dry and Curl My Hair?

YES! You can dye your hair, curl it, blow dry it, and do anything with your Fairy Hair that you would do normally with your hair.

Can I Add Fairy Hair to My Own Hair?

YES!  It is not easy, but it can be done with patience and perseverance.  Watch the Fairy Hair instructional video here.

Is Fairy Hair Just For Young Girls?

NO! The people who are most interested in Fairy Hair are older women!  They seem to love it even more than the kids!  The oldest person I have given Fairy Hair was 92 years old (she picked hot pink!).  Women of all ages love Fairy Hair!

Is it Called Fairy Hair or Hair Tinsel or Glitter Hair Strands?

Fairy Hair is known as many different things and they are all correct. Below is a list of most of the terms that Fairy Hair is known as. Whatever you call it, it all means the same thing – FABULOUS FAIRY HAIR!!

  • Faery Hair
  • Hair Tinsel
  • Tinsel Hair Extensions
  • Glitter Hair Strands
  • Fairy Hair Tinsel
  • Tinsel Extensions
  • Silk Hair Tinsel
  • Sparkle Hair Extensions
  • Silk Fairy Hair
  • Mountain Fairy Hair
  • Glitter Hair Tinsel